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Why use Bitcoin?

Because it’s the first ever fully decentralized internet currency not controlled by anyone.
No entity can “print” or counterfeit Bitcoins as it desires. The owner of such currency
receives a complete control over his own wealth and doesn’t need to
trust anyone to store his funds or process his payments.


Strong cryptography

Bitcoin relies purely on mathematics and encryption. Bitcoin network is the most secure and robust decentralized network on the planet. It`s anonymous and as long as you take basic security measures on your devices, nobody can get hold of your Bitcoins.


Person to person

Bitcoin is a “person to person” virtual currency which can be send directly from one computer to another with no middle man or third party, meaning you don’t have to trust someone to control your funds. It can be used on computer, smartphone, tablet or any other device.


Minimal fees

Using Bitcoin is completely free and costs nothing, except for some cases when you need to pay very small additional fee to speed up your transaction, and even then it’s not necessary and still a lot cheaper than using normal banking systems.


Fully decentralized

There’s no central authority or institution that owns Bitcoin, it’s an open-source project, which means that software is maintained by a global community of volunteer developers from all over the world.

Getting started with Bitcoin


Choosing a wallet is easy, but there are lots of different options. Your wallet can be kept online, on your iPhone and Android device, even on hardware and hard drives.

Get bitcoins

Obtaining bitcoins works just like obtaining any other currency. The easiest way is to just buy them on one of our trusted Bitcoin exchanges.

Spend bitcoins

Using and spending bitcoins is easy. More and more businesses start to accept Bitcoin payments every day. TTR Casino also accepts Bitcoin’s easy and secure payment system.

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